About Us

At Benefinder our mission is to exceed customers' expectations and secure their future by offering professional advice, education, and value added service with a personal touch. Our highest priority is the customers' needs...and through this, we will maintain our vision to be the customers' first and best choice in the products and services we provide.

With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry we are a leader in providing quality protection to individuals, families and businesses focused in Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Maryland and New York. By providing superior customer service, analyzing each client’s individual need and competitive premiums we are able to continue to deliver this promise day in and day out. The same level of dedication is provided to our Medicare health insurance clients in Virginia.

Our agency represents various elite insurance carriers which allows us to tackle the top 5 concerns insurance buyers face every day.

  1. Cost – Our agents are trained to ask specific questions to maximize all discounts you could be eligible for, resulting in the lowest cost possible
  2. Ease – Our agents take your information one time and create "ease" when shopping around.
  3. Speed – You know how much time it takes to call each insurance companies to get a quote. In a matter of minutes our agents can present you with an insurance proposal that has already been compared to the other companies.
  4. Peace of Mind - With our personal touch you can have peace of mind that your scenario has been properly analyzed and covered.
  5. Security of Personal Data –  In this day and age you can never be too careful when supplying your personal information, when shopping for insurance each and every quote involves you giving your personal information to a random person over and over.  In our agency, you provide your information one time to one of our agents and it is protected by a secure network.

We hope you will benefit from our website and invite you to contact our office to obtain a "free" professional comparison of your current insurance plan.