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The landscape for Virginia’s 2018 Individual On-Exchange Marketplace has changed signi cantly. MSV and BeneFinder have developed this fact sheet to help offer patients guidance and solutions through this transition.

What are the changes?

How could these changes impact you?

  • Significant rate increase: most of the areas will have no alternative participating carrier which may have a big impact on your premium.

  • Network disruption: most of the participating carriers have a very narrow provider network so your new plan may not have your local doctor or hospital in-network.

  • Prescription drug change: your new carrier and plan may have a different Rx formulary which may impact your current medications.

How can Benefinder assist you?

  • Individual health plan check: check your current plan to see if you will be impacted.

  • Individual health plan: help you transition to the best coverage options available.

Does this change Medicare?


Don’t delay, prepare now.

MSV has partnered with BeneFinder to develop resources to answer questions and provide additional guidance: