At BeneFinder, we love associations! We are active members of our trade organizations and work with them closely year round in efforts to ensure that our industry and clients are protected from unfair trade practices and that favorable legislation is passed to protect our mutual best interests.


As the cost of doing business continues to rise, many nonprofits are seeking innovative ways of generating non-dues revenue to further support their mission and reduce dues dependence. Although there are many products and vendors to choose from, often times it is difficult to develop member programs that speak to the real needs of their members while also enhancing the value of membership.

BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management products accomplish just that. We are able to work with association members to help them do more for less. Just as with our direct clients, association members will receive assistance in modernizing their businesses in accordance with best practices through our easy-to-use cloud-based software.

Enhance your association's value proposition to support your mission

Association members will receive state-of-the-art human resources tools to help their businesses grow and save money on timekeeping and payroll processing. Association members will also enjoy the confidence in knowing that their employee benefits are designed and administered by professionals whose guiding purpose is to obtain the best possible coverages for the least possible amount of money all while financially supporting their association through non-dues revenue sharing and royalty agreements.

If you are an association executive looking for a unique way to help enhance your association’s value proposition and generate additional revenue to further support your mission, we want to talk to you!

Insurance & HR Consultants

You have worked hard to build your business and protect the interests of your clients, but we are all facing increasing competition from a variety of new high-tech entrants with glossy new websites, seemingly unlimited marketing and advertising budgets, and the promise that they know and do it better than “the small guy.”

As one of Virginia’s largest life and health insurance general agencies, BeneFinder has used its buying power to put together an array of tools specifically designed to help our sub-agents and affiliates compete with the tools offered by national firms that would ordinarily be cost-prohibitive for small agents and consultants to purchase on their own.

Whether you are a life and health, property and casualty producer or an HR consultant, BeneFinder has the tools to not only help you retain your current clients but go upstream to compete for your share of the market.

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As a BeneFinder agent or affiliate, your tools include:

A comprehensive Human Capital Management system to compete with national payroll processing firms

  • Recruiting
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll & Tax Processing
  • Timekeeping
  • Retiree Benefits Administration
  • Section 125 Benefits
  • Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Customer Relationship Management System to track and manage all your customer service needs
  • Your own branded private exchange with direct enrollment interface with

Accounting Professionals

Are you an accounting professional looking for a way to attract more clients and increase your value to them? 

If so, our cloud-based Human Capital Management services could be of interest to you. With our technology, we have the ability to partner with you in a variety of ways, starting with a simple referral arrangement and working all the way up to full-scale revenue share opportunity. 

Whether you are looking to increase your value to your clients or for a safe place to house your payroll opportunities, BeneFinder is here for you.

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What Our Partners Say

“Little did we know when we endorsed a new association health insurance [that] it would generate more revenue than our membership dues ... but that is exactly what happened. The revenue was great but now we offered a “golden handcuff” service, so a printer had to be a member of the association to utilize the insurance. If they dropped their membership dues, they had to drop the benefit program.”
Bob Ramsey, CAE
Executive Director - Virginia College of Emergency Room Physicians

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