Streamline time tracking with consistent fair rules.

Time enables organizations to simplify and automate routine tasks, including approving timesheets, correcting exceptions, responding to time off requests, and managing schedules with flexible workflows. A robust pay calculation engine, automated notifications, configurable reports, and real-time access to accurate time information help you minimize compliance risk.

Consistent Fair Rules

 With Time, our robust pay calculation engine provides a comprehensive set of rules to easily model your current policies and align with federal and state regulations. This ensures your policies are enforced consistently and fairly across all your employees, minimizing compliance risk. 

Accurate Data Capture

 Collect data from a varity of sources, including timeclocks, telephone, web entry, and mobile. Whether you have a dispersed workforce or all employees in one location, you can mix and match how you collect data based on your organization’s needs.

Real-Time Visibility

An easy-to-use, configurable dashboard allows managers to track key data and perform common tasks on one screen, driving more-informed decision making. Automated notifications and alerts provide addtional visibility into actions that need to be taken in order to align with operational goals.

Key benefits

For HR professionals and managers

Drive efficiencies by simplifying routine time and attendance

Improve compliance and mitigate risk with automatic
updates to available pay rules.

Reduce the administrative burden of managing employee
attendance and accruals.

Assign and track employees’ schedules with ease.

Gain strategic insights through real-time reporting at the
click of a button.

Stay ahead of the curve with proactive notifications to help
you align with organizational goals.

For employees

Get easy, instant access to important information, including
timesheets and schedules.

Enjoy multiple user-friendly ways to enter and review time
information, including by timeclock, web, and mobile.

Easily manage time-off requests, schedules, timecards,
overtime requests, and more via a curated employee portal.

Key features of Time

  • Drag-and-drop custom workflows
  • Robust pay calculation engine
  • Exception management
  • Automated points tracking
  • Open absence tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Flexible, configurable time allocation
  • Mass editing tools
  • Robust, real-time reporting with auto-distribution
  • Comprehensive, configurable dashboard
  • Multiple, user-friendly timesheet formats
  • Data collection via timeclock, telephony, web, and mobile
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Offline punch capture
  • Schedule creation manager
  • Automated, proactive SMS, email, and in-application push notifications
  • Mobile-friendly employee and manager self-service

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