Pay your people quickly, simply, and correctly so you can deliver the perfect paycheck every time

Payroll enables organizations to reduce processing time and ensure compliance by leveraging a single, end-to-end solution with an intuitive interface and powerful reporting. Because our payroll solution is unified with our HCM suite, it allows you to process payroll continuously and gives you instant access to reports and analytics in real-time — so you can save time, minimize risk, and create the perfect paycheck every time.

Real-time updates

With our HCM suite, our single solution with one employee record ensures that information updates continuously and in real time throughout the system. This means you don’t have to wait for data to sync with other modules or risk having incorrect data when you’re ready to process payroll.

Flexible pay rules

Our flexible pay rules engine makes it simple to determine pay associated with regular or OT hours and to support any number of scenarios — shift differentials, employees with multiple positions, locations, and more — enabling you to accommodate your organization’s unique requirements.

Timely compliance updates

Accurately complete gross-to-net calculations, and easily create the standard annual reporting forms needed to meet IRS requirements. Reduce your time spent researching regulations through automatic legislative updates, including the latest tax tables, to make sure withholdings are always accurate.

Key benefits

For HR and payroll professionals

Increase payroll accuracy with a single solution for payroll, time, and HR

Streamline payroll processing, and spend time on more important initiatives

Improve compliance and mitigate risk with automatic updates to comply with the latest regulation changes

Reduce the administrative burden of processing employee changes and updates

Gain strategic insights through real-time reporting at the click of a button

For employees

Get easy, instant access and manage personal information, including direct deposit information

View current and historical pay and benefits information at any time

Better understand pay with a tool to model paychecks

Complete and update government forms from any device

Get push, email, or SMS notifications

Key features of Payroll

  • Real-time calculations and processing
  • Built-in test environments
  • Payroll prep checklist and quick links
  • Position control with automated pay calculations
  • Garnishment deduction wizard
  • AI-driven payroll alerts
  • Certified payroll support
  • Weighted average overtime calculations
  • Automated government form updates
  • Quarter-end and year-end checklists
  • Audit and change history reporting
  • State and local tax identification and validation
  • Vendor validation
  • Automated reciprocity tax withholding
  • Multi EIN support and consolidated reporting
  • Multiple payroll processing
  • General ledger processing
  • Pay stub printing and distribution
  • 401(k)/retirement plan integration
  • Earned-wage access and pay card integrations
  • Pay and total compensation statement access
  • Continuous W2 access

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