Cyber Security and Protection

It’s a statistic that might be hard to believe, but one out of 5 businesses will suffer a cyber security attack with 60 percent of them going out of business within six months of the attack. Cyber-related frauds lead to extensive monetary loss which is very difficult to recover without a cyber security Insurance policy.

It’s a statistic that might be hard to believe, but a whopping 4,000 cyber security attacks a day came in 2018. Two-thirds of these successful cyber attacks targeted small to mid-size companies, and among these companies infiltrated by cyber attacks, 60 percent could not recover, going out of business within six months.

More than ever before, companies must have a sound program for cyber security and protection in place. The Federal Bureau of Investigation isn’t staffed to investigate any cyber attacks unless the company’s loss totals at least $100 million, and there is zero enforcement of cyber security.

It’s up to your large, mid-size or small company to protect yourself, and BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software can bring data security and peace of mind to your business. With access to tools to train employees how to identify phishing scams, trojan horse email attachments, ransomware attacks and business email compromises, your company will be equipped to safeguard not only your precious, sensitive assets but your very company itself.

BeneFinder’s cyber insurance policy provides for reimbursement of any money spent required to address data breaches. This cyber insurance policy can not only include money spent for ransomware attacks but money spent to have your company’s data reconstituted.

If you’ve worked hard to build your business, invest in a cyber security and protection policy to ensure your efforts aren’t taken from you in an instant.

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