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Benefits Administration

With the Benefits Administration component of BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software, your employees will be able to manage annual enrollment, life events and benefits for themselves and their dependents—all while saving your company’s administrator significant amounts of time, thanks to streamlined efficiencies.

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BeneFinder’s Benefits Administration Software Represents a Cheaper, Faster and Better Way to Do Business​

Cut costs and time spent managing complex benefits packages such as ACA, COBRA, FSA, HRA, HSA, leaves of absence, retiring premium billing and more. You’ll also help save many trees along the way, boosting your company’s green commitment in protecting the environment.

Your company’s employees can engage in benefits enrollment online while at work or home, self-manage their personal information, view benefit statements and access all their plan information at any time and anywhere.

By simply defining benefits enrollment for new employees, open-enrollment periods and life events, your company’s staff can put the focus back on serving people, not feeling overrun by an endless stream of logistics and processes.

Our Benefits Administration wizard provides for an accurate and streamlined enrollment process. Eliminate the need for printed documents, manual enrollments and postage with this paperless environment. Our Benefits Administration’s automation feature cuts out manual and tedious reconciliation of standard benefits costs and determines benefits plan eligibility based on set criteria. The result is an automated process of connecting employees to benefits plans best suited for them.

Company administrators will enjoy access, at their fingertips, to 600-plus reports delivering comprehensive information about your employer’s benefits packages and employee elections, which can factor into budget decisions.

With BeneFinder’s Benefits Administration software, your company can build an open enrollment selection record for the following enrollment types: open enrollment, status change enrollment, and new hire enrollment. Our automated system notifications allow for notifications to be sent to all employees, including new employees, as well as off-site email addresses.

BeneFinder’s Benefits Administration component is one of many tools in our Human Capital Management software suite, helping companies save money and time while unlocking ways to do business in a smarter and better way.

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