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Onboarding is the most important stage of the employee life cycle. This is the one time you have the opportunity to set the stage and clearly communicate expectations and what behaviors you expect to see and not see and, most importantly, what can your new employee do to help get their career in your organization to the next level. Instead of taking this opportunity to set up your new employees for success, many employers set them up for failure by not giving this stage of the employment process its just due.

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BeneFinder’s Onboarding Software Represents a Cheaper, Faster and Better Way to Do Business​

Imagine the money and time savings your company’s onboarding administrators could enjoy if they had access to high-quality, white-glove slide templates such as new-hire and compliance forms and manager check-in tasks for new employees’ first 30 days. With Onboarding, a spoke in BeneFinder’s dynamic Human Capital Management software wheel, your company will also have access to 30-, 60- and 90-day employee ramp templates, employee lifecycle documents, frameworks to measure successful onboarding and email templates for internal communications.

With these templates in place and at your team’s disposal, your company will be helped in introducing new employees to their positions through structured and integrated onboarding. These measures can make all the difference in having employees be satisfied, boosting employee productivity and retention.

All of BeneFinder’s Onboarding files can be customized with your company’s logo, colors and other branding assets as well as edited to suit your needs.

BeneFinder’s Onboarding wizard ports over candidate data, provides automated notifications for applicant acceptance and eliminates excess paperwork to cut out tiresome logistical steps that can take the fun out of being a new hire.

BeneFinder’s Onboarding component is one of many tools in our Human Capital Management software suite, helping companies save money and time while unlocking ways to do business in a smarter and better way.

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