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People are everything! The right ones will help your business get to the next level, and not much costs more than the consequences of making a bad hire. With the Recruiting component of BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software, your company will be in the best position to spot and hire the talent who best aligns with your needs.

Job recruiting advertisement represented by 'JOIN OUR TEAM' texts on the chairs. One chair is colored differently to represent the hiring position to be recruited and filled.

Our wholly web-based system makes it easy and fast to search for full-time, contracted and freelance talent with targeted skill sets, build job requisitions and hire candidates who are best for the job and your company. BeneFinder’s Recruiting tool provides a high-tech recruiting experience that engages job candidates, helping your company stand tall in a continually growing forest of job opportunities.

Your company’s team will appreciate having the flexibility to interview and send out job offers. Our streamlined process means your management team can be more responsive to talent needs, not all the steps involved in the recruiting process.

Speed up your recruitment process by getting an automatic feed from payroll, facilitating job budgeting. Your company will be able to create job requisitions immediately, complete pre-employment questionnaires, utilize knockout criterion and post job openings internally and externally for maximum exposure.

All your company’s integrated candidate data is safely stored in the cloud and is available round the clock to help hiring managers and human resources staff make better decisions throughout the hiring process.

BeneFinder’s Applicant Tracking Software Represents a Cheaper, Faster and Better Way to Do Business

BeneFinder’s Recruiting component is one of many tools in our Human Capital Management software suite, helping companies save money and time while unlocking ways to do business in a smarter and better way.

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