In business, insurance can be a really big word and involve lots of players who don’t communicate well or at all. Too often, these different policies aren’t presented well to employees, creating pressure on companies to pay more in insurance contributions. Employees sometimes wind up with insurance plans that they might not need.
BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software takes the sting out of having to communicate with multiple insurance vendors by providing a solution that encapsulates many insurance products in one place. The result is significant time savings along with tremendous ease of use for each employee using our Human Capital Management software.

Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefits aspect of BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software allows for team members to quickly and easily manage their enrollments, benefit plans and life events at any time and from anywhere. With life events such as marriage and the birth of a child, for example, employees are able to add spouses and children to health insurance policies and add beneficiaries to life insurance policies.

Our solution ensures the employee benefits experience is smooth, no matter how benefits regulations or insurance provider terms have changed. Our software also reveals valuable benefits information to companies. Employers can view employee benefits election data to make smarter decisions about how to balance the costs and complexities of benefits administration with other strategies that improve employee retention.

Additionally, with the BeneFinder Human Capital Management software’s Employee Benefits module, your company will enjoy HIPAA protections and seamless COBRA administration with 100 percent liability protection. Finally, with Flexible Spending Accounts, employees will be able to increase their take-home pay, with companies paying less in FICA and FUTA payroll taxes.

Voluntary Benefits

Just as with the Employee Benefits component of BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software, our Voluntary Benefits module puts employees in the driver’s seat when it comes to making benefits changes such as adding short-term disability coverage or tweaking their dental insurance and vision insurance policies.

Voluntary benefits, also referred to as supplemental insurance or employee-paid benefits, are offered by employers at no cost to them other than administration costs. Voluntary benefits can help small businesses, especially, compete with large companies by amplifying their benefits packages, a key factor in attracting and retaining talent.

Retiree Benefits

BeneFinder’s Retiree Benefits component keeps employers in the loop on retiree benefits and ensures employees turning 65 start receiving Medicare benefits along with prescription drug co-pay cards. When these employees are removed from your company’s health insurance policy pool, the average age of plan participants decreases, and costs also drop.

Our company also educates our customers on “Medicare 101,” holding seminars at their workplaces. The information we share can save employees receiving Medicare thousands to tens of thousands of dollars based on understanding medical vocabulary and treatment options.

Workers’ Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation component of BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software can calculate your company’s workers’ compensation premium based on your payroll. This gives companies the power to create regular workers’ compensation payments, preventing companies from being saddled with surprise and sizeable bills at the end of each year.

Because the Workers’ Compensation component is fully integrated with our Human Capital Management software’s payroll and human resources tools, your company will benefit from significant cost savings and efficiency.

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