Once upon a time when you were dreaming of owning your own business, there’s little chance your thoughts ever drifted over to Affordable Care Act requirements, Fair Labor Standards Act timekeeping regulations, Section 125 plan documents, Flex, COBRA, ERISA, HSA, POP or any of the other things that frequently seem to take your eye off the ball in running your business.

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The good news is, BeneFinder can help companies large and small stay focused on what they do best. We believe employee benefits are best administered in one place by one organization that is capable of offering a one-source solution. BeneFinder is truly your one-source solution whether your company contains a single employee or more than 1,000 team members.

It’s important to recognize that the Affordable Care Act and Fair Labor Standards Act have placed benefits administration, timekeeping, payroll and compliance all in the same bucket. For companies to spend time communicating with four vendors who don’t understand what one another are doing can be costly and inefficient.

When you become a BeneFinder customer, you’ll discover that, with our all-encompassing and comprehensive approach, we’ll start from the beginning and make sure all your company’s compliance documents are up to date. We’ll also help you decide what your employee benefits package should look like. Remember that the only reason to offer employee benefits is to retain the employees you have and attract the types of employees that can help your business grow. Simply offering health insurance because you feel like you have to is not a viable recruitment and retention strategy.

One way BeneFinder starts with some employers is to address whether the company should even offer an employer-sponsored health plan. Some small employers aren’t able to offer an employer-sponsored health plan because of costs, and many will only contribute a portion of the employee’s costs. For individuals with lower incomes, subsidies available on the Marketplace can be significant and, in some organizations, employees are actually hurt, not helped by, an employer-sponsored health plan. The reason for this is, if an “affordable plan” is offered, employees become ineligible for subsidies and cost-share reductions.

BeneFinder’s powerful system enables our agents to input your employees, incomes, dependents and then, with the click of a button, we can tell you who is helped and who is hurt by an employer-sponsored health plan and by how much.

Is your company not interested in managing employee benefits? You shouldn’t be because we not only expect but prefer that your employees and their family members contact the BeneFinder team for all questions and guidance, from enrollment to billing and claims matters.

For a brief overview of how BeneFinder can help your employer save money and time as well as benefit your employees, please fill out our quote form or call us at 800–281–1987. We’re certain that, like the thousands of satisfied customers before you, you’ll be happy you did.

1-49 Employees

1 to 50 Employees

Small business owners are in charge of managing areas of their companies, with payroll usually commanding the most amount of time. Staying updated on and understanding payroll tax changes and reporting requirements from local, state and federal government can steal time from doing what you do best.

BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management Software Can Help Small Businesses Stay Focused on Growing​​

With our accurate, cloud-based payroll system, your company will shed the dread of managing complicated payroll processes, freeing up time for you to work toward realizing your vision. Our online payroll system is convenient and easy to use, saving you money and time that you can reinvest into your company.

Our software’s time and labor integration eliminates manual data entry, and our built-in General Ledger Interface (GLI) formats accounting data in the widely used GL structure. Finally, our payroll system also allows for employees to log in to perform self-service items such as requesting personal time off, changing direct deposit information, downloadable company documents, review pay stubs and W-2 forms and more.

When it comes to taxes, you’ll rest easy knowing that your company is remaining compliant with changing tax laws, helping your company reduce the risk of having to pay steep fines and penalties. Local, state and federal tax filing, depositing and reporting is managed through BeneFinder’s software. You’ll also receive quarterly and annual returns plus W-2 and 1099 forms. We’ll even make contact with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf to resolve tax notices.

Finally, BeneFinder’s payroll solution is supported by people you’ll develop working relationships with as opposed to strangers at a large call center.

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51 to 99 Employees

Growing companies deserve to get more for their payroll investments, and BeneFinder’s payroll software is equipped to deliver not only accurate and prompt payroll and tax filings but integrated payroll, timekeeping and human resources functions that work for your company, saving valuable money and time to support company growth.

BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management Software Can Help Growing Businesses Stay on Track

When your business is growing, it’s vitally important for your company to stay on track with not only payroll and timekeeping but all manner of human resources components. BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software is robust and at the forefront of technology in this space, helping streamline logistics and keeping your administrators focused on managing people, not processes.

BeneFinder’s payroll tax management simplifies local, state and federal reporting and filing, and our timekeeping system is agile in meeting the needs of all employees, no matter their locations. As your company scales and the demands for applicant tracking and onboarding increase, you’ll enjoy our software’s ability to facilitate these functions and other functions, including benefits administration and sign in by employees to manage their accounts.

Imagine also benefiting from the value of having comprehensive Affordable Care Act reporting to monitor compliance throughout the year and manage 1094 and 1095 forms at the end of each year. Other services that can create extra value for your employees include 401(k), Section 125 and 132, health insurance, COBRA+ and workers’ compensation insurance.

100-Plus Employees​

Large companies strive to make the best of each employee’s life cycle, all the way from recruitment to retirement. BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software provides supreme clarity to all your payroll and human resources processes.

BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management Software Can Help Large Companies Maximize Their Employees’ Potential

When your company has mushroomed in size to 100 or more employees, time demands on your human resources staff can be at a premium. This is why BeneFinder’s Human Capital Management software—a single and all-encompassing platform—is critical to put to work to maximize workforce management.

With our scalable payroll, tax and timekeeping solutions, your company’s team will be adept in meeting the many needs of your growing staff and governmental regulatory changes. Your team will be able to engage with our software, requesting personal time off and signaling life events for insurance updates.

Additionally, your company will appreciate having Affordable Care Act reporting to monitor compliance as well as benefit from tools to manage 401(k) plans, Section 125 and 132, health insurance, COBRA+ and workers’ compensation insurance.

BeneFinder’s comprehensive Human Capital Management software is indispensable for large companies to utilize so they can minimize money and time expenditures when it comes to growing and managing your business.

Larger employers often have complex and time-intensive payroll and HRMS processes. With new regulations, like the Affordable Care Act, it’s likely those processes have become even more complex. Today’s business landscape calls for an integrated and scalable system that works for your organization now and as it grows and changes over time.

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