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BeneFinder can help individuals and sole proprietors obtain health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and life insurance as well as secure coverage that’s suited for their particular needs. We’ll also help you make sense of a complicated insurance marketplace by presenting to you competitive premiums and providing simple recommendations.
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BeneFinder Makes Finding Affordable Insurance Fast and Easy

With BeneFinder, individuals desiring to purchase insurance plans enjoy considerable cost savings. Our agents thrive on asking key questions to help you unlock all eligible discounts, helping you save money. Individuals also enjoy ease while saving valuable time when they choose to become a BeneFinder customer. With BeneFinder, you’ll share your private information just once, and our agents will present insurance plan comparisons quickly. You’ll experience peace of mind and save lots of time when shopping for insurance.

With individual insurance, BeneFinder stands out by creating unique solutions for our customers to help them stretch the value of their dollars. Our company has enrolled children on individual plans along with insured adults after they’ve turned 26 and can no longer be insured on their parents’ or guardian’s plans.

For Individuals Desiring On-Exchange Subsidy Eligible Plans

Step 1

Discover whether you qualify for a subsidy. Individuals whose incomes fall to less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible to receive an APTC (advanced premium tax credit). This money is applied up front to reduce your health insurance cost. Individuals whose incomes fall to less than 250 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible for a cost share reduction. This reduction decreases out-of-pocket cost for services in addition to the APTC.

To find out whether you’re eligible for an APTC or cost share reduction, use BeneFinder’s Subsidy Calculator, which will calculate how much subsidy or cost share assistance for which you’re eligible.

View Our Subsidy Calculator

Note: Subsidy and cost share reductions are available for individuals who do not have access to “affordable” employer-sponsored health insurance. To find out whether your employer-sponsored health insurance is affordable, our Subsidy Calculator will ask a few questions to determine whether your existing coverage has been deemed “affordable” by the Affordable Care Act’s requirements.

Step 2

To determine which plan options you have and what they cost, you are able to input your information into our Individual Quote Tool. This tool reveals the specific plans and costs available to you, based on your municipality of residence and household income, and can be used without having to set up an account or provide personal information. While using the Individual Quote Tool, you’ll have the option to move forward to Step 3 by filling out the Applicant Intake Form or the option to have a BeneFinder agent contact you. Please remember that if you didn’t include your contact information in the original quote, we’ll need you to do this so we know who to contact.

View Our Individual Quoting Tool

Step 3

After determining your subsidy and selecting a plan, BeneFinder invites you to complete our Applicant Intake Form. This form will securely provide BeneFinder with the information needed to complete your enrollment through on your behalf. By choosing to enroll with BeneFinder, you’ll benefit from having an agent advocate to help you throughout the year.

Applicant Intake Form

Note: If you enroll directly through without selecting an agent, BeneFinder will be unable to assist you in claims, enrollment and billing issues. You would be solely responsible for resolving these issues through’s customer service center. BeneFinder strongly encourages you to work with an agent. Doing so costs you nothing, and an agent will be able to help resolve your issues in most cases much more quickly than you would be able to by yourself.

If you’re interested in finding out more about individual coverage, please complete the following contact form. One of BeneFinder’s benefits advisors will contact and assist you with your enrollment.

For Individuals Age 65 and or Eligible for Medicare Because of Disability

If you qualify for Medicare or are eligible for Medicare because of a disability, know that know that Medicare can be very confusing. Furthermore, you’ll receive an inordinate amount of direct-mail marketing, making it challenging to decipher the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans as well as how they differ among insurance carriers. As one of the largest Medicare agencies in Virginia, BeneFinder features a process that will simplify Medicare for you. By choosing BeneFinder, you’ll know for certain that you’ve enrolled in the best Medicare Supplemental Coverage for you!
If you’re uncomfortable with our electronic enrollment process, please fill out the brief contact form below. A BeneFinder benefits advisor will contact and assist you with your enrollment.

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